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Past Work

Scene + Heard began in 2016 featuring 85 shows and engaging an audience of 4,800. By 2020 this had grown to 101 shows and an audience of 11,270. Our audiences are lively and enthusiastic and come to feedback to the artists and help shape the work of the future.

The festival has become a breeding ground for new work to develop and tour both nationally & internationally as well as in the festival circuits. Shows that have begun their journey in Scene + Heard have since been fully realised and programmed at:  Melbourne Comedy Festival, Dublin Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, Galway Theatre Festival, Galway Fringe Festival, Limerick Fringe, Central Arts, International Literature Festival, London Irish Festival, Vicar Street, and Body & Soul not to mention stand-alone tours across Ireland and internationally. These shows have won Fringe Firsts, Edinburgh Fringe Firsts and Irish Times Theatre Awards.


Check out our previous programmes or delve into where previous festival participants went next! 

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