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Make sure you experience all the festival has to offer. Every year we offer select indiviuals and organisations a festival SEASON PASS. This covers a ticket to every event in Scene + Heard which means this year you have access to 110 events over three weeks in FEB/MAR 2024 (value € 1200)


If you choose, the pass is tied to your organisation as opposed to one person this allows for a range of people from your organisation to attend Scene + Heard.


2024 festival runs from 15 FEB - 2 MAR 2024.

Season Pass

SKU: 364215375135191
  • 15 FEB - 2 MAR 2024

    110 EVENTS at a saving of 700 euro!

    Our team will be in contact with you to talk you through the programme schedule and help book you in for shows.

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